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Circleway Training was established in 2011 in Bethal Mpumalanga with a strategic goal to bring quality education to small Town of Mpumalanga Province. Circleway started by focusing on Engineering Studies due to the Mining and Power generation Industries that are dominant in the areas where it envisioned to operate. By 2012, Circleway enacted a follow up College in Kriel and also expanded the scope to Business Studies.

In 2013, Circleway moved the strategic function to Witbank in order to access the decision makers of Industry. To this end the direction, operation, financial and information technology functions are located in this the Head office. By 2014 Circleway grew its business to Belfast where a Portable skills facility was established, this through the AgriSeta, Teta and Ceta qualifications.

By 2015 Circleway started with the establishment of the Arnot Campus which was successfully registered in 2016. To date, Circleway has four fully accredited TVET colleges, in Arnot, Belfast, Bethal and Kriel. Circleway is registered with the following bodies. (View List Of Registered Bodies Here)

From nated Engineering studies to Business, from Abet classes to Artisan training, from Agricultural , Water treatment , Civil right through to Transport related studies, Circleway remains geared to provide quality and relevant training to small Towns of Mpumalanga.

Who We Are


To Offer Educational And Training Solutions Beneficial To Communities And Industries Where We Operate.


Engage Quality Resources Geared To Propel Communities And Industries Where We Operate.


Geared to go full circle