Supply Chain Management

Freight Forwarding And Custom Compliance.

Supply Chain Management


  • Analyse Business and Functions
  • Geographic Principals And Trade Route Mapping
  • Comply With Organization Ethics
  • Custom And Excise Act
  • Regulations And Documentary Of International Trade
  • Administration Of Freight And Clearing Operations
  • Concept Of International Trade
  • Stress And Technique Management In The Workplace
  • Equipment And Infrastructure Of International Transport
  • International Commercial Terms
  • Legal Environment Of Industries
  • Structure Of Airfreight Forwarding
  • Structure Of Surface Freight Forwarding
  • Customer Service In A Banking Environment


  • Distribution Requests And Queries
  • Surface Freight Import Clearances
  • Surface Cargo Processes and Procedures
  • Quality Procedures
  • Small To Medium Consignment
  • Secure Cargo For Air Freight
  • Calculate Cost Of Air Freight
  • Calculate Customs Values
  • Calculate International Tax
  • Inter-modal Surface Costing
  • Commodities According To Customs
  • Procedures Of Lost And Damaged Goods
  • Logistic Support
  • Documentation Of Non Hazardous Air Cargo
  • Documentation Of Non Hazardous Surface Cargo
  • Sea Freight
  • Planning In A Production Environment
  • Airfreight Clearance And Delivery
  • Customs Declarations And Release
  • Invoices, Credit and Costing
  • Import And Export
  • Core And Support Functions
  • Stock Balances And Distribution
  • Export Transactions
  • Import Transactions
  • Retail Stock Replenishment
  • Transportation Of Dangerous Goods
  • Transportation Knowledge And Insurance