Diesel Trade N2

Learner will be able to maintain, test and repair diesel vehicles, including engines, mechanical parts, transmissions, suspensions, steering and brakes.

Entry Requirements

  • N1 Certificate OR equivalent qualification.

Course Duration

  • One Trimester (Three months)

Study Options

  • Full time and part time classes available
  • Part-time Learners will be required to sit College based examination at the Campus for the term mark

Course Structure

Module Specific Outcomes

  • Understanding the fundamentals of practical diesel mechanics.
  • Identify and understand work habits and practices.
  • Identification of various hand tools as well as workshop tools.
  • Understanding and identification of the parts of diesel engine.
  • Identification and understanding of lubrication systems.
  • Applications of basic calculations for mechanics.
  • Identification and understanding of cooling, air intake and exhausts.
  • Drawings and freehand sketching of various diesel engine components
  • Understanding and identification of electrical systems for diesel engine.
  • Identification, reading and application of measuring instruments.

Career Options

  • Diesel Engine Mechanic
  • Heavy Equipment Maintenance Specialist
  • Diesel Locomotive Mechanic, etc.